Friday 14 August 2015

1. Tiny Rabbit – ISBN 978-0-9572728-0-4

Tiny Rabbit needs a friend. Will he find one?

2. Tiny Pig – ISBN 978-0-9572728-1-1

Tiny Pig loves to play but lately he had become worried. What is troubling him?

3. Tiny Goat – ISBN 978-0-9572728-2-8

Tiny Goat went missing one day. Everyone thought he had gone away. 
Will Tiny Hen, Tiny Pig, Tiny Owl and Tiny Cow find him?

4. Tiny Hen – ISBN 978-0-9572728-3-5

Tiny Hen loves to keep busy so she cleaned on Mondays, washed on Tuesdays, gardened on Wednesdays…Will she ever rest?

5. Tiny Bird – ISBN 978-0-9572728-4-2

Tiny Bird has a secret. Will he share it with the other tiny animals on Tiny Island?